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Affordable payroll services offered to medium and small NZ businesses

Trust our payroll expertise and get the desired quote with respect to your business’s objectives. Let our bookkeeping and payroll services drive away the headaches of handling issues related to payroll.

Payroll quotient plays an imperative role in your business. This service embraces the proper maintenance of records of the employees, generates required pay runs, and creates the important files and documents. These project reports comprise significant details, viz. working hours of the employee, Annual leave, Kiwi Saver, Sick leaves, Holiday Pay, overtime, etc. Plus, all crucial paperwork, along with Inland Revenue Employer Deductions Forms (IR345), are generated automatically; and Employer Monthly Schedules (IR348) are indexed electronically with Inland Revenue.

At this verge, all pay particulars are evaluated and measured automatically and correctly. Then after, you will receive the accurate records and files, either weekly or biweekly or monthly.

  • Employee pay slips
  • Direct pay to banks
  • Personnel details
  • Management reports detailing all period and year to date wage, tax, allowance and leave details